Predictive Maintenance on critical equipment can help maintenance professionals address issues before they result in catastrophic failure. At Lindskog Balancing, we offer top-notch Predictive Maintenance Programs and Dynamic Balancing solutions for a wide array of industries, including power plants, hospitals, schools, office buildings, manufacturing plants, food processing plants, biotech facilities, environmental service facilities, fresh water treatment plants, and waste water treatment plants.

Comprehensive Predictive Maintenance Programs

Our Predictive Maintenance Programs cover a range of critical systems, including centrifugal pumps, hydraulic pumps, exhaust fans, blowers, chillers, air handlers, cooling towers, scrubbers, vacuum pumps, and compressors. By accurately determining the condition and life of these components, we can greatly reduce or completely eliminate downtime associated with failure of key components.

We offer vibration surveys at intervals based on the customer’s needs and provide detailed reports with the condition of each component clearly defined. We include recommendations for repairs and improvements based on information from the surveys. We also offer mechanical repair and fabrication capabilities as well as bearing and shaft replacement on-site, making us a one-stop service provider for all your Predictive Maintenance needs.

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Predictive Maintenance