Where It All Began...

Since 1959

Automotive Balancing is what started it all. Since 1959, the name Lindskog has defined the leading edge of Automotive and Motorcycle Precision Dynamic Balancing.

From Vintage engines to today’s ultra high RPM racing engines, each benefit from precision dynamic balancing. We balance all motorcycle and automotive engines to precision, electric motor quality grade levels ensuring a quality of smoothness rarely achieved by any factory balancing. Our attention to detail is due in large part to the automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts who take great pride in the work we do for you, our customers.

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Auto Crank Shaft

Precision Engine Balancing


Lindskog Balancing offers a wide range of services for Automotive and Motorcycle enthusiasts.

From complete engine balancing to individual component balancing of connecting rods and pistons, our experience and “no compromise” outlook combine to provide the utmost in quality and precision. In addition to balancing, we perform connecting rod resizing, flywheel lightening, magnaflux inspection, and shot peening.

Harley Davidson Engine Balancing

Lindskog Balancing specializes in Harley Davidson engine balancing. From Flatheads, Knuckleheads, Panheads, and Shovelheads, to today’s EVO engines, Harley owners have relied on Lindskog to take even the worst shaker and create a smooth running, dependable engine. Custom stroker engines and big bore kits benefit greatly from precision dynamic balancing. Performance enhancements altering the rev range of Harley Davidson engines respond favorably to precision dynamic balancing. At Lindskog Balancing, we strive to provide the Harley Davidson enthusiast with a level of detail exceeding that of the factory yet remaining factory correct.

Aftermarket Balancing

Aftermarket stroker kits for popular V8 engines are frequently sold unbalanced to reduce manufacturing costs typically associated with the need for Mallory metal slugs to properly balance the crankshafts. Lindskog Balancing can balance aftermarket stroker crankshafts with greater efficiency reducing costs to the automotive enthusiast.Look to us for all your Automotive Balancing needs.

Harley Davidson Crank Shaft