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Lindskog Balancing
1170 Massachusetts Ave
Boxborough, MA 01719
(978) 263-2040
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About Lindskog Balancing

Lindskog Balancing is a full service company specializing in Dynamic Balancing Services and Vibration Analysis of all types of rotating machinery and components. With a 10,000 sq. ft. facility for In-Shop Balancing Services and our experienced Field Service Team, we are fully prepared to service all types of rotating machinery and components.

Shop Balancing Services


Field Balancing Services

      • On-Site Service Balancing
      • Fully Staffed Field Service Department
      • 24 Hour Emergency Service

Vibration Analysis

      • Determine the cause of vibration.
      • Reduce costs in erroneous parts replacement.
      • Structural improvement to increase machine life

Laser Alignment

      • Reduce vibration in rotating assemblies.
      • Decrease wear of coupling components.
      • Reduce power losses.

Predictive Maintenance Programs

      • Monitor vibration levels in high production systems to prevent or eliminate down-time.
      • Predict and prevent failure of machinery in critical need situations.
      • Help determine maintenance schedules for large facilities.

Automotive Balancing Services

      • Significantly reduce vibration in modified engines.
      • Improve performance and longevity in antique and vintage engines.
      • Reduce parasitic losses in racing engines.

Click here for additional information on Field / Shop Balancing and Laser Alignment Services.

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