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Machinery Health

Machinery Health has been a priority for maintenance professionals for a long time, although these days it is a ‘bit’ more sophisticated…

Machinery Health is our top priority at Lindskog Balancing. Whether it be Shop Balancing a rotating component to ensure long service life or Analyzing Vibration in the field to determine and correct developing issues; we pride ourselves in being an extremely valuable resource to our customers. For over 50 years we have been servicing rotating components/ assemblies for our customers and we look forward to a bright future.

Coupling Alignment Services

Coupling Alignment Services – Precision laser alignment services are critical to any installation or repair procedures performed on coupled assemblies.

Motor Vibration

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We often encounter high frequency motor vibration in motors that are operated by a VFD.   A common cause for this motor vibration can be that the motor has not been properly grounded, and therefore, an electrically induced high frequency vibration can usually be identified using vibration analysis.  Take a look at the attached video for a few suggestions that may help you address some potentially harmful motor vibration.  Just click the link below to watch the informative YouTube video with an expert from Baldor.  You will find suggestions...

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Motor Shaft Alignment

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Lindskog Balancing – Motor Shaft Alignment Services Laser Shaft Alignments are critical when installing or making modifications to a coupled assembly. Please take a look at this link to understand the importance and basics of Motor Alignments. Getting a motor shaft alignment right… The Department of Energy has issued this useful paper on the importance of aligning motors. The paper identifies the types of misalignment,...

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A Facility Manager’s Secret Weapon… Predictive Maintenance

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Facility Managers rely on Pdms for the big picture In most cases, Facility Managers spend their time at work managing bad news. Our goal here at Lindskog Balancing is to catch problems (potential bad news) well before the problem becomes a catastrophic failure. Our ability to and success in effectively monitoring machinery health is ensured by the tools we use and the expertise of our knowledgeable staff. Check out this article From to further understand the importance of implementing a Proactive Program for the...

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Condition Monitoring with a Vibration Analysis

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Condition Monitoring – Predictive Maintenance If you’ve ever gotten a call on your day off informing you that a critical system is down, you can certainly appreciate that the ability to receive adequate warning of a system failure is more of a necessity than a luxury. Scheduling repairs during downtime saves time, stress and money. This article is a great overview of the benefits and challenges that facility managers experience when...

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Mechanical Vibration Analysis, Dynamic Balancing and Laser Alignment

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Vibration Analysis Check out this article. It sites the importance of Mechanical Vibration Analysis, Dynamic Balancing and Laser Alignment when installing and maintaining pump assemblies. While mechanical vibration can be held responsible for a wide range of malfunctions in systems, it can also be used to identify mechanical issues and establish cause. Please contact Lindskog Balancing to discuss our Predictive Maintenance Programs and how we can customize one to protect the equipment in your facility from unexpected outages. Lindskog can...

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